I try to bring beauty into my home but even my best efforts pale in comparison to the beauty all around me.  The above are a few shots that I have taken lately around here.  I captured the beauty of Lake St. George after supper, the beauty of some plucked wildflowers in a Mason jar on my back deck and a beauty of a shot by P.

I wish I would have captured the beauty of the deer that came crashing out of the woods not more than 50 feet from me on my walk yesterday.  She stood on the alert watching me and I stood stock still eyeballing her.  I had my camera with me but I was afraid to move a muscle.  I knew that she would startle and go bounding off and I didn’t want to scare her.  After about a 20 second staredown, she carefully (and beautifully) picked her way through the underbrush to the woods nearby.

I also wished I could have caught the beauty of the little bat I spied wheeling around out back.  He was contentedly chowing down on all the bugs that I have to admit were bugging me.  My camera doesn’t take pictures very quickly and this bat was really motering to get his evening meal.

I also missed some beautiful shots of butterflies visiting the marshy meadowlands behind our property.  I was dumb enough to go for a quick walk back there without my camera.

There aren’t any amazing stories attached to these published photos.  To me, they had artistic merit and I just wanted to share the beauty of them.