The pictures are a little mixed up so for clarification purposes I made the before pictures thumbnail size and the after pictures a bit bigger. 

My wicker furniture was looking very dried out from exposure to all kinds of weather.  I tried spray-painting it last year with less than satisfactory results.  This year I took a paint brush to it and some dark brown high gloss paint.  This was a lot of work and very messy but I like the look of the furniture now.  The next step will be to get some paint on that weathered looking deck! 

The little table I rescued off the side of the road really could only be improved.  I painted it with the same brown high gloss paint and think that it now makes a rather nice bedside table in my newly coming together guest bedroom.  I thought the basket underneath would be a great place to put ivory coloured towels and some toiletries.  All my nicer ivory coloured towels are unfortunately in the laundry at the moment so you’ll have to imagine the basket artfully packed with pretty stuff.  Better yet, be my guest and you’ll get to see it for real!