On Saturday, I took the boys to a Medieval Exposition at a place called Castle Village in Midland.  Although the boys enjoyed watching grown men dressed as knights fighting and getting a treat at the Hansel and Gretal style snack shack, their favourite place at the exposition was the archery range.  Most of the kids visiting Castle Village that day were quite young, too young to shoot a 17-20 pound bow and arrow set.  Not D and P.  They had a fantastic time shooting arrow after arrow at the targets and helping the medievally clad gentleman running the range to collect the arrows.   D even managed to get a bulls eye once.

That opened up discussion for purchasing a bow and arrow set of their own.  D and P have been mowing the lawn (I call it lawn but it’s actually 90% weeds) and earning a little bit of money for their efforts.  It’s been raining a lot here and weeds grow quickly when watered regularly.  Their little money stash was growing.  They decided to purchase the bow shown in the photos above at a local hunting shop not far from us.  They eagerly crafted the target shown and under my not so great tutelage but vigilant supervision did manage to at least hit it.  They were standing quite a bit further back from the target than they were at Castle Village and the target itself is quite a bit smaller.  Not bad for first attempts.  Hopefully, there will be some photos following showing the arrow squarely in the bulls eye.