This is surely the craziest grouping of photos.  I wish that I could blog, then add a photo to illustrate what I was writing about and then blog some more.  For some reason, I can’t seem to figure that out so I end up having a crazy grouping of photos with a lot of text to try to explain them.

Lately, I have been on a home improvement adrenaline rush.  After painting the front foyer cabinet, I realized that I had enough of the amazing wenge coloured Aura paint left to paint the dated bedroom furniture my parents gave me.  I cleaned out the school room, hauled the dressers, bed, boxspring and mattress down and went crazy painting.  The furniture went from a sort of dated tan look (the first photo shows the colour perfectly) to a much more modern dark brown look (the headboard in the bed picture captures the colour the best).  I really wanted to get new hardware for the dressers too but I found out that would mean drilling new holes and filling old ones.  I wasn’t quite up for that since I don’t own a drill but even with the dated hardware I’m very pleased with my painting results.  This room will one day be my guest bedroom.  I say one day because right now I have no furniture at all in my bedroom upstairs.  So, for now, I am the guest sleeping in the “hopefully one day” guest bedroom.

The distressed side table is a piece that I am working on now to sit nicely beside the newly painted bed.  It wasn’t quite so distressed looking when I picked it up on the side of the road.  Yes, someone was pitching this piece and I rescued it.  I tried rather unsuccessfully to paint it with an interior/exterior alkyd high gloss paint that I picked up at the restore.  The leather brown colour was beautiful but my paint job was not!  I am now stripping my mess with the intent of starting over.  Those grimy hands are mine working away to undo my disaster.  I am discovering that this little table has been painted several times before.  I meant to take off my brown coat of paint but I’ve also removed the pale pink layer to reveal an orange layer and in some places a bubble gum pink layer under that.  This piece has been well loved!  I am determined to take it from distressed to pretty without getting too distressed myself.

The last photo is a picture of my side garden that I am expanding.  When not improving the stuff in my house I am outside ripping up grass to make the exterior more pretty looking.  The shiny thing hanging on the spike was also something I picked up on the side of the road.  Soon my neighbours will just start bringing their junk to my house since some have noticed that I’m picking theirs up!  I could have added many more photos.  I also have also started working on making an old fire grate into a piece of garden art and have plans to transform a roll down shade left by the previous owners into a piece of modern art to hang over the bed in my almost guest room.  In between all of that, I am working on repainting my outdoor wicker furniture.  Keep your eyes peeled for more photos; the adrenaline is pumping!