One of the things I like most about living in Washago is that I am surrounded by nature.  Something as simple as a walk is so pleasant here.  In just the last week alone I saw a pair of swans on the lake, some blue-tailed sunfish shimmering under the water near a dock, the reappearance of dragonflies, monarchs and swallowtails, a red-headed woodpecker checking out a nearby tree and tiny frogs that were tadpoles with legs just the day before.  Today, the profusion of wildflowers was the scene-stealer on my walk.

All the flowers pictured are common ones and they all grow in ditches.  I took some time to think about that.  There are probably hordes of people who don’t really notice these flowers and precious few that take pictures of them.  Yet, they bloom magnificently as though they were in a fancy garden for millions to view.  It reminded me of that old saying, “Bloom where you are planted”.  What does it matter if your place and calling in life are humble and somewhat ordinary?  Is that an excuse to not flourish and be all that you were meant to be?  Maybe precious few will notice and even fewer appreciate your efforts but there will be the ones and twos that will cross your path and will be blessed by your beautiful character.   My walk today would have been far less enjoyable had all the wildflowers sighed and said, “We’re just so ordinary and our place is in a ditch.  Why bother opening our faces to the sun?  Who will notice or care anyways?”  Those simple flowers in their simple setting showed forth the glory of God to me.  My eyes were lifted upward to a God who would take the time to beautify a country road that so few travel.  Because of those flowers my soul wanted to sing and I was ministered to.  I think I am one of those ordinary flowers in a not so glamorous setting.  I’m a stay-at-home mom with a small sphere of influence.  My home isn’t exactly a ditch but it’s not the Botanical Gardens either.  Few will pass by my way but by the grace of God I intend to learn the lesson of those flowers and live the fullest I can for the Creator’s glory even if it only blesses a few.