D and P have decided that they want to be done school by June 20th.  That shouldn’t be too hard considering they only have a little math and grammar left to do.  The real clincher will be getting the June edition of our family newspaper out a little earlier.  To help us all out, we did a little research today.  P is going to write a restaurant review and so we sampled the delicacies at a little hamburger joint called Weber’s.  From the moment it opens each year, this roadside attraction is insanely busy.  A number of years ago, someone had the bright idea of building a huge overpass for the express purpose of allowing southbound travellers a chance to eat at Weber’s.  Pretty much like everyone else, we ordered the charcoal barbecued hamburgers.  They were good but really nothing to write home about; certainly not good enough to explain the hordes of people who wait in line for them.  We were lucky today; there were only about 10 people ahead of us.  Weber’s is a small place but it runs like a well-oiled machine.  We laughed watching the old gentleman wearing a pink headband working the grill.  It was like flipping and serving those burgers was a dance to him.  He was flawless in his execution.  I have to say that D and P didn’t complain at all about doing the research for this article.  P even took a little notebook and pen and jotted down his ideas for what to put in the review.  This is school as we know it: fun, fun, fun!