I tried something new this weekend.  I picked up an old 70’s style cabinet recently for the front entrance.  It was in good shape and the price was right but the finish looked a bit dated.  I decided to try and paint it.  I’ve never painted furniture before but my years of painting other surfaces have taught me not to be a tightwad when it comes to paint.  I have found that cheaper paints don’t end up being much of a bargain.  Generally they are runnier, messier to use and you need to paint many layers to get good coverage.  With that in mind, I gave Benjamin Moore’s new (and not so cheap) paint series, called Aura, a try.  Aura comes in about 60 shades.  I picked the darkest brown I could.  I would have liked something a little more brown-black but the colour that went on the cabinet was exactly the colour of the swatch so I really can’t complain that way.  Aura has gotten really good reviews in home decor mags and I can see why.  I didn’t even sand this cabinet and I got really good adhesion and coverage with just one coat of paint.  It was easy to use and went on smoothly with little running.  I think that if I had prepared the surface better I would have had absolutely no running.  Aura is water-based and dries really quickly.  It also cleans up like a dream.  In my humble opinion, this paint is worth splurging on.

You may wonder at the curious decor atop the newly painted cabinet.  It seems to me that D and P are often bursting through the door looking for a few select items.  I tried collecting such useful things as bandaids, sunblock, bug spray, afterbite, towels and flash lights in a leftover silver tub (that was just too good to throw out) in the hopes that the boys will find what they need without having to holler for me.  It’s worth a try.  The biggest challenge will likely be getting them to put the things back in the silver tub after they’ve used them so that the next time they need them they’ll know where they are.  This makes total sense in my “mommy brain” but experience has suggested to me more than once that little boy’s brains don’t always think like mommy brains.  Pity!  In my opinion, putting things back in the same place every time is the way to waste a lot less time searching for stuff, yelling at mothers and brothers and generally storming out of the house irate when one can’t find what he was looking for.  In my opinion, life would run a whole lot smoother if everyone in this house just started heeding my opinion.