In the almost 10 years that I have been widowed, I’ve found a number of ways to amuse myself.  One of the games that I play I like to call “musical do-dads”.  This is when I see a spot in my home that I am not happy with and try moving around do-dads and whatchamacallits from other areas in my home to make things look more asthetically pleasing.  After publishing the photo of my now wenge-coloured (pronounced “when gay) cabinet earlier today, I decided that I wasn’t altogether happy with the Goodwill candlesticks and their dollar store “too bright green” candles.  I tried a number of different do-dad arrangements before deciding that I needed to up the game a little.  This is the part where I get some exercise running up and down the stairs to see if anything I have on another level of the house will be just perfect for the spot I’m trying to fix. 

Coming up from my first trip downstairs I was surprised to see that the hole I was trying to fill had already been filled.  P felt that what was needed there was the St. John’s Ambulance Emergency Kit.  I had a good chuckle thinking what kind of statement that made to people entering our home.  “Please do come in.  We fully expect that you’ll get injured while here so we keep our emergency kit right at the door so that we can patch you up before you leave.” It wasn’t quite the statement I was trying to make.

That got me thinking about using that spot to make a statement about our humble abode.  Laughingly, I put out the sign I had put front and center in the school room:  “no whining”.  I know that you are all shocked that I would have such a sign in my school room.  Surely my kids, who are homeschooled, don’t whine!  You’re right.  They don’t.  I put the sign up for me!  I took it down pretty quickly thinking that was a pretty negative note for people first to encounter when entering our front door.  I think I want our guests to remember what our home is about not what is not allowed there.  If I had that famous Joshua quote, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” the wenge coloured cabinet just inside the front door would be a good place to put it.  Alas, I’m one of the few Christians I know that doesn’t have one of those.

My next effort was to put out something positive, instructive and thought-provoking:  “Give thanks for simple blessings”.  I put the branches I snipped from the trees out back in my 69 cent vase as I considered them a good example of one of those simple blessings.  I had just enough time to snap a picture when I realized this was probably not the best place to put that lovely saying.  P came crashing through the door Boybarian style and the saying board fell to the ground.  Fortunately, the saying was already in my head and I was able to give thanks for the simple blessing that it didn’t break.

Thinking some more about what my home is about I came up with this:

LIVE   *   LOVE   *    LAUGH

(and occasionally redecorate)

We certainly live in our home as opposed to just visiting it after work or school.  We do make a go at loving each other although sometimes the effort is so creative it might not seem like that is what we are trying to do and we certainly encourage laughter.  I like the part in brackets because if friends come over and the house isn’t impeccably clean and organized I can always say, “I’m doing the part in brackets.”  Yup.  That works for me.  Anyone out there good at making signs that will stand up to Boybarians barging through the front door?