We took a break from the books today and drove to Midland to see Castle Village.  It’s their off-season so we were almost the only ones there.  We had an informative tour of medieval arms and the tour guide was quite happy to use my willing boys to demonstrate how to wear certain pieces of armour.  I could have taken a lot more pictures but the memory card from the camera had been removed (without my knowing it) so I had to be very judicious about my shots.  P found the chain mail chemise and coiffe quite heavy.  D was amazed at how French pieces of armour designed for an adult almost fit him.  Now I know why the French soldiers in Veggie Tales are pictured as peas.  They were little guys! 

The boys played around a little outside but they’re almost too big to enjoy playground stuff.  We did have fun trying to run across a suspension bridge and both boys had a few ideas of how to get the change out of the wishing well.  They thought the dragon out front was pretty cool and P noticed that it had a flamethrowing thing in its mouth.  We didn’t see it breathe fire that day but we surmised that it probably does during the “on” season.

The place also had a dungeon called “Dracula’s Dungeons, Museum of Horror”.  With a name like that we just had to check it out.  Mostly, it made the boys laugh because nothing was very scary for them.  The dungeon had light up dioramas, some with musical scores, that showed scenes from famous monster stories.  We haven’t really studied that sort of thing so some of them we didn’t even know.

We learned some stuff but mostly we had fun together Medieval style.  We found out that four local medieval societies are coming together there at the end of June to showcase everything medieval, including reenactments of medieval battle techniques.  It sounds really cool and apparently the price tag for the event will be a whopping $2 per person.  They want to make it accessible for everyone to enjoy.  I think we may be making another drive out to Midland in the not so distant future.