It used to be that P was a very affectionate kid.  As a little tyke, he liked nothing better than to be hugged and cuddled by his doting mama.  My, how things have changed!  He’s now 10, almost 11, and getting a hug out of him now is well nigh impossible.  I still throw my arms around him occasionally, usually to the tune of him squirming and saying something like, “Mom. you’re invading my personal space!”.  Today, I had a pleasant surprise.  I took off with some neighbours to a salvage store and amongst other purchases, I found a fish aquarium that I thought the boys might like.  P had been mentioning that he wanted one to house some frogs.  I can’t even describe the delighted look on his face when I came home and showed him the dusty, little aquarium I picked up for 50% off the marked price.  He said, “Thanks Mom!”  and threw his arms around me to show me that he really meant it.  That alone was worth the $10 I spent on the new frog habitat.  D and P eagerly invested time in getting it cleaned up and operational.  It now looks pretty amazing with it’s rock and water areas and working filter.

I also remember when both D and P wouldn’t be caught dead playing with a girl.  My, how things have changed!  Today, they invited the girl down the street to go fishing with them and even offered to let her use one of their fishing rods since hers wasn’t all that great.  They even wanted me to take a picture of her when she caught a small sunfish.  It’s quite amazing to see my once girlphobic boys now happily standing next to a female and even wanting to be in the same photo as her.

Then, there’s the memory of D and P not wanting to touch worms or fish.  Even last summer, I had to put the worms on the hook and take the fish off when they managed to catch something.  Throw a girl into the mix, and my, how things change!  Suddenly, D and P were quite happy to take a sunfish off the hook since the girl in question was afraid to.  Guess my little guys are growing up and becoming little men.  It makes me chuckle to see them being so chivalrous.