The weather turned on Friday from overcast and rainy to blue skies and sun.  It was just the kind of weather that begged me to get outside so I took the boys to the Muskoka Wildlife Centre.  We toured the small facility and observed some of the local fauna they have there.  Each animal has a story of why it is there and why it can’t survive out in the wild.  One of the handlers took out the rat snake for the boys to hold and also let us get up close to an adorable groundhog and a young racoon.  There was a lot of info at the Centre and I feel we learned a lot.  The boys liked looking at the barn owls since the female was sitting on some eggs.  They got sight of them when she repositioned herself.  It was also cool to see the male barn owl preening himself, twisting his head all the way around.

We then went on the trails behind the facility to see larger animals that live around here.  The boys were thrilled to finally see real wolverines and badgers.  We’d read of them in the “Redwall” books but the boys didn’t really have a good picture of what these animals were like.  Not many of the animals disappointed us.  They were very lively as if they were putting on a show just for us.  It was cool to see a lynx and a bobcat in the same environment.  I could see the differences between them which I hadn’t really known before.  The eagles were pretty impressive and stayed still to let me get a close up shot.  Only the wolves were a bit disappointing.  They just sat there and stared at us.  The bear came right up to the fence, stood on his hind legs and comically scratched himself.  This, in my mind, is so much better than looking at things in books.  So glad we live close to so many fascinating places to explore and discover.