I’m taking a deep breath even as I begin to type this.  We’ve been up to so many things in the last few days that I hardly know where to start.  I guess the warmer weather has totally invigorated me and got me doing everything at once.

I’ll start with the photos.  D and P have been making (and launching) bottle rockets this week.  The one in the picture blasted right over the hydro lines!  It blasted with so much force that the boys got totally sprayed with mud.  They didn’t let that deter them.  They just built a mud barrier.  We got a pretty good camera video of the rocket going off but to date we can’t get the video on the blog.  Technical difficulties.  Sigh.

The next two photos are of hikes we took in some woods we recently discovered.  The boys and I thought that the two trees twisting around each other were totally cool.  I’ve never seen anything like it before and I’ve walked in the woods a lot.  I made them get up on the big rock for a photo op.  They complied although not so willingly.

The last photo is of our lovely house.  I have been working on the front garden and am quite pleased with how it’s coming along.  I’ve moved two trees, planted a clematis and tore up some grass and extended the garden to the driveway.  I’m all excited to get some plants for the extension and to make up some containers.  I took a container gardening course this week and was totally inspired.  I was the youngest and most inexperienced gardener there and just tried to take in all the info like a sponge.  I can’t wait to try my hand at actually putting a container together.  I bought a couple of hanging baskets for the hooks on the front of the house and think I did a pretty good job selecting.  I’ve never really gardened before so this is all new to me.

In between all that, the boys and I have read a number of books that I’ve neglected to blog about (“The Slave Dancer” was my favourite!), I’ve been making headway with my bellydancing classes (finished class four this week and finally managed to shimmy and walk at the same time.  For me, that’s quite an accomplishment!), got a new pair of glasses (I was able to get adult frames this time so I went for a totally different look than my normal children’s frame look.  They’re a little big but I totally love them!) and went shopping for an engagement ring with my sweetie.  (He now knows my ring size and what I like.  Can’t wait to see what he does with that info!)  Oh yeah, I’m also repainting my bedroom, repairing holes in the walls of my downstairs closet (hoping to get a closet organizer for that one and then transforming the room from a school room to a spare bedroom) and getting the other extra room ready to have a new floor.  (My sweetie and I picked out black and white stick on tiles for this room.  Our aim is to do the room together.  It will be our first reno together.  Hopefully, that won’t make him think twice about the engagement ring!)  There’s probably more that I’ve done in the last few days but those are the highlights.