I took D and P out back to show them the raccoon and crow footprints I had found in the mud.  While back there, we also spotted evidence that deer had visited.  I was so busy looking in the mud that I would have missed altogether a really neat discovery if it hadn’t of been for the boys.  They called me over to the large puddles of water to show me what they had found.  There are thousands of tiny tadpoles growing in the water just behind our house.  We’ve been hearing the frogs singing and I guess they have been busy.  I hope that we get some rain soon so that the poor little pollywogs have enough of the wet stuff to survive.  It will be so cool to watch them grow and change.  This is a homeschooler’s dream.  Of course, we’ve learned about the amazing life cycle of the lowly frog but how much better to see it unfold before our very eyes.