D and P have ambitious spending plans.  Their only problem is that they don’t have the money yet to act on those plans.  Their solution?  Work!  We have been trying to get a paper route but being as rural as we are that plan just doesn’t seem to be happening.  The boys now are pleading with me to give them jobs that I will pay them for.  You never met more eager kids to mow the lawn.  When I finally said, “Alright.” they went out there with a will not even taking the time to agree to a price for their labours.  They just hoped for the best.  I guess they thought that any amount was better than sitting around earning nothing.  Funny how they’ve never asked if they could do the dishes for pay.  That job might just pay more than mowing the lawn!  I’m not letting them in on that little secret though.   I’m praying that these two will find an employer who has more money than I do to spare.