“-Ology” means “the study of” and “zoo” means a place where animals are enclosed.  Today we engaged ourselves in the study of the zoo, the Toronto Metro Zoo, to be precise.  D pretty much monopolized the digital camera and happily snapped over 150 photos.  I really felt obliged to put some of his better uneditted work on the blog.  We all enjoyed a day out doing something different.  Some of the highlights of the day were meeting the lion keeper and watching him feed the lions, D and P getting a chance to help out one of the zookeepers feeding the hyenas (they both jumped at the opportunity), being there when the enormous African elephant decided to pee and then poop (we had front row seats for that event much to the delight of D and P!), talking with a volunteer in one of the buildings who had never met a homeschooler before (O.K.  That was a highlight for me.  She was a retired school teacher and she was very impressed at my boys interest in everything and how much they knew.  It’s always nice when a teacher is impressed with homeschooled kids.), watching the red river hogs chase each other around their pen like they were in some crazy race or something, seeing a real-life “Pumba” (warthog), watching gibbons swing like acrobats in their cage, lauging at the gorillas having fun playing around and getting to eat french fries and soda pop to keep up our energy (you get to do a lot of walking at this zoo!).  I’m also impressed with D’s photographic talent.  He certainly is an enthusiastic zoo-ologist!