It was my birthday on Friday.  This year April 25th showed great promise for being a fantastic day.  I wish I could blog that it was indeed a really happy birthday.  Alas, most years my birthday plans go askew and this year was no exception.  D and P found out that Friday was a P.D. day for school kids so they begged and pleaded that we too had the day off.  “Wouldn’t it be great,” they reasoned, “to take a day off on your birthday?”  It did seem like a good idea.  What followed that line of reasoning was to have a sleepover on Thursday night.  Sleepover- what a misnomer.  P did arrange for a neighbour kid to spend the night at our place but sleep they did not.  The next day, my birthday, both my boys were very tired and very cranky.  Throw in a visit from the neighbour kids and it was all out war, along with lots of fussing, here.  I desperately wanted to escape all this but I had to stay at home waiting for my long anticipated table and chairs to arrive.  I had ordered them the first week of January and wonder of wonders they were slated to be delivered on my birthday.  I was so thrilled with this that I planned a dinner party at my place to celebrate having lived through another year and finally having furniture in my dining room.  At about 2p.m. the table and chairs had not arrived, the kids were driving me over the edge and I was longing to leave the house.  I called the company to find out how much longer I would have to wait.  That’s when I found out that somehow my name was not on the delivery list for that day.  A number of frustrating phone calls later, I found out that a mistake had been made and that my long awaited table and chairs would not be arriving on my birthday.  Lovely.  I had lots of food to cook up, guests coming over and no place to seat them.   I went for a walk to think this one through (and to escape my warring children).  Of course, it started to rain.  That was just par for the course.  I finally ended up cooking at my place and moving the whole party, food and all, to a friend’s.  Happy Birthday to me.

Three of the guests I had over were my Mom, my Dad and a nephew.  Whenever my parents come, they always expect that I will have a list of chores for them to do.  I never seem to disappoint them.  This time around my Dad brought his chainsaw and cut up the tree that had fallen on my back porch at the beginning of winter.  It was great to finally get that all cleaned up.  The rest of the branches and the sawed up wood got hauled to the back of the property where I have a firepit.  I can’t start a fire or keep one going to save my life.  The boys know that so they pleaded for Opa to get one going.  He was happy to oblige  them and much to their enjoyment we had a roaring bonfire blazing Saturday night.  A neighbour kid supplied the boys with hotdogs and everyone had a good time.

And the potato?  Well, I haven’t got that story all worked out yet.  After my Dirty Job episode, I closed the door to the downstairs bathroom and declared it off-limits.  No one wanted to go in there anyways since it smelled so badly.  My Dad tried snaking the toilet but even he wasn’t successful at getting it to flush correctly.  That led to taking the toilet apart to get to the bottom of the problem.  Well, the bottom of the problem was a potato.  Somehow, my downstairs toilet swallowed a baked potato and had a hard time digesting it.  How the potato got in the toilet is still a bit of a mystery.  I have two suspects and both have been interrogated.  To date, I have not had a confession or a conviction.  I think I will have to move to round 2 of interrogations.  I’m still trying to think of what that will look like and what will happen if the truth comes out and I have to face the fact that one of my darling children lied to me.  Hmmm…I think I’ll take a walk and pray some over that one.