Yesterday I managed to chip away the remaining ice on the deck and get all the leftover tree debris off.  It looked so good to me that I decided to eat al fresco.  The weather was so nice that the boys opted to stay outside longer and eat later.  That option was O.K. with me.

Today the roof got reshingled.  The house doesn’t look a whole lot different but I would still say it’s a spring improvement.

I also noticed flowers popping through the matted down weeds and grasses on my walk today.  It was so nice to see cheery yellow after months of drabness.

The boys are having a great time outside even as I blog.  They hauled me out there amid great excitement to show me the fish they netted in the creek that runs into Lake St. George.  They have since come back to get more pails or containers to keep alive two other fish they have managed to catch.  I have no idea what kind of fish they are but they are surprisingly large for such a little creek.  The boys of course are thrilled!  Spring, we’re glad you finally came.