The idea of owning a gun has been temporarily dropped in favour of these slingshots that the boys purchased at the local hunting store.  I don’t know if I’m so thrilled with D and P having these but I guess boys will be boys and I have to accept that.  We’ve already had our first run-in with these weapons.  D and P lent their old slingshot to the neighbour kid while he was at our house and apparently the neighbour kid took aim and shot something at another neighbour kid.  That kid and his dad were at our door complaining.  Our neighbour kid denied vehemently the whole incident and my boys backed him up.  So there I am listening to a crying kid and his father on one side of the door and my own kids and their friend at the other side.  Of course, their stories don’t match.  That would make things way too easy.  In the end, I decided to confiscate all the weapons for the day and assured the crying boy that he could tell me in the future if there were any other incidents.  That satisfied crying boy and his father but left my boys and their neighbourhood friend furious.  Whoever thinks that parenting is easy likely doesn’t have kids or at least doesn’t have my kids and their neighborhood friend.