On your mark, get set....Vroooom!

You know it’s spring when you hear the drip-drip of water, see flooded fields that were white with snow just a week ago, and find your kids running around outside without jackets.  You also know it’s spring when the bicycles come out.  D and P have been having a great time playing in all the water the warmer temperatures have been generating.  They’ve also been having a blast tying up the neighbour kid’s “porche” to the back of one of their bikes and peddling for all they’re worth to get the little car going at “high speeds”.  It’s also a sure sign of spring when you have to start talking to your boys about wearing their helmets when they bike.  (Why do they always forget that over the winter?  Every spring it’s the same!)  I just noticed now that the boys are not sporting their new bicycle helmets in these pics.  Guess I too was too excited about all that spring brings to remember the details of parenting.  Funny how warmer weather after months of snow and cold affect the brain!