school-014.jpgschool-031.jpgschool-036.jpgschool-042.jpgschool-044.jpgschool-054.jpgschool-066.jpgschool-076.jpgI did a lot of driving these last two weeks to see family and friends and eat way too much.  (I put on 5 pounds!)  Amongst other things we had a chance to hole up in a motel in Peterborough (the weather was really getting to me!), tour the War Museum in Ottawa with an old friend, work on an amazing snow fort (a YouTube video of it is in the works), go bowling (pics of that event didn’t turn out so great), tromp through the snow in Parc des Chutes in picturesque La Tuque, Quebec, familiarize ourselves with local fauna at an interpretation centre, learn a little about the Natives of the Quebec region, feed (and chase) wild turkeys in Brighton, Ontario, and celebrate D’s 12th birthday.  It was a great trip but it sure feels good to be home again.