Feather Boy by Nicky Singer

D and P enjoyed this book but probably not as much as I did.  It’s the story of a boy named Robert who is being bullied.  The author did a good job of revealing Robert’s thought life which I found very interesting (must be the psychologist in me!).  Robert’s life changes through working on a school project with elderly people at a local nursing home.  He ends up being paired with the batty old woman named Mrs. Sorrel.  This lady has a past of her own and finding out her story, Robert is able to change his own.  The story climaxes when Robert beats up the boy who had been bullying him for so long.  It’s not really what he intended to do and the results are not all that he hoped for.  I liked that the story was full of hope for the under-dog but also full of realism.  I’m not particularly fond of stories that end happily ever after.  So often in life, it’s not like that.  It was refreshing to enjoy a story that mirrors life as I have come to know it.