We tried out the Roller Skating Place in Odas Park on the weekend.  It’s the kind of place that hasn’t changed in at least 20 years.  Judging by the age of the staff, they likely have been working there for at least that long.  For me, it was kind of a nostalgic sort of place.  I used to rollerskate in a place similar to this when I was a teen.

The boys found the old-fashioned rollerskates funny.  To them, they were big and clunky since they are used to the more new-fangled in-line skates.  I was surprised how easily they took off in them.  They were like poetry in motion in the arena.  I was more like Weebles Wobbles (but I didn’t fall down!).  D and P easily outlapped me and we all laughed about it.  We went at it for a little over an hour and then decided unanimously to call it quits.  We all have callouses on our feet to prove we went.  It was fun to step back in time a bit and exercise like people used to 20 or more years ago.