I got to go ice fishing today with my favourite guys – D, P and DA (DA’s brother was also there but usually outside the hut).  It’s definitely a guy sort of thing to do.  To get to the hut, we were individually taxiied by snowmobile.  DA and his brother took the boys for a fast ride which was right up their alley.  I think DA took me a little slower which suited me just fine. 

Once at the hut, we got to hear all about chipping the hut out of the lake.  The warmer temperatures we had a few days ago caused the lake ice to go a bit mushy and made the hut sink down.  It then froze into the lake when the temperatures got colder.  Not good!  We got there just after DA and his brother, G, had moved the hut.  They were still drilling the new holes with an auger. 

There are no photos of happy boys holding fish because we didn’t catch any.  We sat there for two hours with very little excitement.  I kept wondering why people find ice fishing fun.  It’s a guy thing.  It has to be.  What woman wants to sit in a tiny, guy-decorated ice hut looking into a hole for hours on end?  The only woman I can think of is me just because it gives me a chance to hang out with my favourite guys in the whole wide world.