I wasn’t aware yesterday that we were due for a lunar eclipse.  Thankfully, we went out to our small group Bible study yesterday night and left just in time to see the beginning of it.  The sky was unclouded and we clearly saw the earth’s shadow move across the surface of the moon.  By the time we got home the moon was beginning to look a dark orange colour.  It was so cool to watch.

I’m so glad that I accidently found out about the eclipse.  P and I did some research on it for his latest newspaper article and found out that what we saw was a total lunar eclipse.  Lunar eclipses apparently can happen two to four times a year but total lunar eclipses are a bit more rare.  The next one will be on December 20, 2010.

I also saw the two bright stars that made a triangle with the moon.  From our research we found out that these bright pinpricks were in fact the star Regulus and the planet Saturn.  It was so amazing to actually see this. 

P didn’t really even want to do any research for this article.  He told me that he knew what a lunar eclipse was and that he could briefly explain it.  I hauled him down to the computer anyways and after reading a little on last night’s lunar eclipse he was glad that we googled it.  He went up excitedly telling D how old he would be when the next total lunar eclipse would happen.  This is the kind of homeschooling I really like – when we all do something really cool together, learn about it and then are able to incorporate it into our curriculum.