sports-031.jpgsports-036.jpgsports-038.jpgsports-034.jpgIt being Valentine’s Day and all, I thought that I’d let the boys make sugar cookies this morning to bring to this afternoon’s homeschool Valentine’s Day party.  The next time I let them bake, I think I need to secretly set up a tape recorder to capture all the giggles and silliness.  Here are a few snippets of the conversation while baking with the boys:

P: (holding measured sugar way over his head) This sugar is a giant waterfall cascading down. (complete with little boy sound effects)

Me:  Um…P?  The object of this exercise is to get the ingredients in the bowl.

A little later when the boys are adding the eggs:

D: On T.V. people can crack an egg with one hand. (He went on to demonstrate his own one-handed attempt which turned out looking a little differently than the T.V. chef’s version.)

Stirring the eggs into the creamed butter and sugar:

D:  Oooh…slimy!

Me: We’re still trying to keep the ingredients in the bowl.

The dry ingredients:

D and P: (holding measured flour far above the bowl) Bombs away! (They really enjoy the “whump” sound and the billowing flour cloud that follows.)

Me: (still trying to drive my point home) In order for the cookies to turn out, the ingredients have to go in the bowl and stay in the bowl.

Rolling the dough and cutting it into star and teddy bear shapes (I don’t seem to have a heart shaped cookie cutter):

D: (transferrring a star to the cookie sheet that had one really long point) (giggling) This star is …uh…a little defective.

P: It has a star tentacle.

P: (outright laughing) This is a war-wound bear.  (The poor thing was pretty mutilated.  Somehow P thought this was acceptable because we are studying WW2 right now.)

D:  Can I make a decapitated bear?

D:  Oops…this one has a birthmark.  He can’t help it he was born that way.  (I’ll leave that to your imagination.)

P:  (holding a bear with its front paws folded in) We can call this one hug-a bear.

D:  (holding a bear with its feet folded up)  This one’s trying to beat the Guiness Book of World Records for most self-inflicted kicks to the head.  (Lots of action following that one.)

Watching the first batch in the oven:

P: Whoa…bears getting fatter.  Bears now joined together.

Me:  Isn’t that nice.  The bears want to hold hands.

P:  (snickering)  It looks more like that bear is kicking this bear in the crotch.  (Of course, a real life demonstration between brothers ensues and baking comes to a momentary halt as I resume my other identity as a referee.)

Oh the joys of baking with boys!