We got at least a foot and a half of snow last night.  I went outside after lunch and tried very hard to look at my driveway like an amazing workout for my arms.  I managed to cut a swath big enough for a bicycle to get out of my garage and I was already weary.  It wasn’t just that there was a lot of snow.  It was also that all that snow had to be lifted and thrown at least four feet as that is the height of the lowest parts of the snow dunes that line either side of my only means of exit.  I just didn’t have it in me this time.  Fortunately, one of those local farmers with the big, commercial snow blowers was doing the neighbour’s driveway.  I hailed her down and told her I was ready to throw in the towel  and pay her whatever she thought was fair to clear mine.  She laughed and said that for $15 cash she would do it.  Deal!!!  My arms are happy, my wallet is only marginally lighter and my driveway looks great.  Real strength, I think,  is knowing when you need help and being humble enough to ask for it.