D and P have been pretty active working on their latest fort.  As you can tell from the above pictures, it’s really coming along.  Last night they did something that shocked me (just when I thought that wasn’t possible anymore!).  I was puttering around upstairs doing this, that and the other thing when I noticed that they were being very quiet downstairs.  I decided to sneak down and take a peek at what they were up to.  What I saw were two boys that looked very much like my two boys with school books open quietly working at math and language arts.  I was tempted to ask, “Hey, who are you kids and what did you do with D and P?”  I more wisely asked, “What are you doing?”.  P looked up at me with a smile on his face and said, “We’re doing tomorrow morning’s work so that tomorrow morning we don’t have to work.”.  I’m not often dumbfounded but I was then.  Since the early morning work had been done, D and P got to sleep in (a little) and had some time for what really matters (i.e. playing computer games and building forts). 

They were pretty excited to give me the tour of the fort and to take some pictures of me in it.  I didn’t go through the normal entrance (D’s demonstrating that in the first picture) since I didn’t want to post a picture of me on the blog looking like Winnie the Pooh stuck in a hole.  I had to carefully climb over the lowest of the sides to get in.  Once in, P showed me the seats they had built into the walls to make it comfy to relax in the fort.  (May as well be comfortable when you’re waiting for the enemy to attack I guess!)  The last picture shows me standing on tiptoe to see over the sides.  The boys took advantage of the warmer temperatures yesterday and used the packy snow to really build up the fort’s height.  I could just see over and thought to wave my hand at the last minute.