Sometimes the boys laugh at me and say that if everyone in the world was like me, we’d still be living in caves.  It’s true.  I’m rather primitive technologically.  I tend to marvel at the gadgets people invent and market, knowing that never in a million years would I have come up with such inventions.  If we were living in a caves though, I know that mine would be clean, well-organized and would have good flow.  It would be decorated with the best nature provided.  My big contribution to humanity would likely be caveman paint (in many hues with far-flung names!) and swanky caveman art adorning the walls of my tidy abode.

D’s bent in life is science-related.  If left to his own devices, you can often find him tinkering with stuff.  He loves to imagine and build.  It’s fun for him to concoct and experiment.  He watches science-type shows and is drawn to science-type books.  Just as artistic expression is deeply rooted in the fabric of my being, science is in his.  If we were living in a cave, he’d be the cave kid that would invent better hunting tools, better cooking implements, better everything.  That’s who he is.

P is very drawn to the computer.  He loves the challenge of reaching the next level and getting the highest score.  He’s not hugely drawn to books but he’ll happily read anything that helps him improve his game.  He’s amazingly fluent in computer game lingo.  It seems to come easily and naturally to him because it is what he is naturally drawn to.  It’s foreign and rather unattractive to me.  Back at the cave, I could see him being a mighty hunter.  If the cave kid next door speared three rabbits in an hour, P would rise to the challenge and do whatever it took to beat the record and get four.  That’s so like him.

Why am I thinking like this?  Sometimes I look at the boys’ schoolwork and get discouraged.  It looks sloppy to me.  It looks like they put very little effort into composition and presentation.  Their work doesn’t appeal to my natural bent.  Then I take some time to remember that they have natural bents too and those natural attractions will help them make contributions in the future that a neat, orderly, artistic person like myself could never make.  It takes all kinds in life, even kinds like D and P that are not very much like me.