The turning over of the cards and the concocting of tales using them turned out to be pretty fun and funny.  D turned up “Bob” in “Chateau de Scary” with a “postage stamp”.  P got “Jaws” in a “tree” with “cups of poison tea”.  These are the stories that came out of the cards:

Bob is a boy with an egg head.  Bob is able to run 2 miles an hour.  He has won no racing medals.  He has a huge brain and is able to do hard math questions like 2 plus 2.  Bob is 3.8 feet tall and has no hair. 

Bob won a trip to Chateau de Scary .  When he arrives, no one’s there so he enters Chateau de Scary.  He heads to the library not knowing that all around him there are Hitler’s monkey guards.  All of a sudden, they walk up to him ready to attack. 

Bob remembers he has a large stamp in his pocket.  He takes it out and gives it a mighty lick, then throws it at the two monkeys.  The second it hits them, they are stuck together and paralized.


Jaws is a two ton mouth of a snapper wapper which comes from the planet x.  Jaws will eat anything.  His bite is 600 pounds.  Before he eats you he will cut you in half.  Since he has no teeth, he swallows you.  His arch-enemy is Godzilla.

Jaws goes back home only to meet Godzilla.  The giants battle at the top of a really small tree.  Jaws takes a bite out of Godzilla but slips and is about to fall.

Godzilla goes in for the kill.  Jaws tries to think but has no brain.  Just then, he sees a cup of tea – but no ordinary tea- it was poisoned.  Godzilla is going to take his final bite.  Godzilla opens his mouth.  Jaws pours the poison tea into Godzilla’s mouth.  It kills him instantly.


Not bad.  The boys followed the instructions well and had little trouble thinking of a way the red card item could be used to save the protagonist.  Their writing may not be excellent yet but at least they are getting more comfortable putting their ideas on paper.  Good writing has to start somewhere!