sledding-076.jpgI think we reached another milestone today.  We pulled out the odd assortment of skates (I always buy a few different sizes of near mint condition skates over the summer at garage sales for bargain prices) and tried them on with the intent of finding the local community centre that houses an arena and exercising our skating prowess.  P tried on a really nice pair of Bauers but declared them too small.  It was hard for me to believe.  They looked big enough for my feet.  I gave them a try and sure enough they were just my size.  Yup.  P’s feet are now bigger than my own.  He moved up to the swanky Nike’s and I decided to claim the Bauer’s for myself.  D was happy with the CCM’s.  We’re all happy.  P may have bigger feet than me but I’m still taller (for now!).

By the way, we did find the arena (I only had to ask for directions once) and we all did quite well in our new skates.  It was my first time using boy’s skates.  Believe it or not, up until now I have been using the same skates I bought when I was 12 years old.  It’s time for something a little newer.  The Bauers looked cool and I managed to stay upright though it was a bit tough considering I’m used to those little pricks at the front of the blade (which aren’t there on boy’s skates).  I would have liked to have posted a picture of all of us happily skating but I forgot to bring the camera!  Guess I was still marvelling at how big P’s feet have gotten when we left.