I have yet to break off a single branch from the tree that fell on our deck yesterday.  D and P have really risen to the occasion, hacking and sawing the downed giant with muster.  They have lots of energy for a project like this.  They did say that people in “olden days” must have been in really good shape, being surprised at how much work it is to cut a tree apart.  I’m really proud of them looking at all the progress that has been made getting this mess cleaned up. 

My job yesterday was to get on a ladder and pop back in a piece of siding that had popped out and was blowing in the wind.  I managed it (although I wasn’t too excited to get on a ladder set on ice in a wind storm.)  On the same side of the house, a rain pipe blew down.  It’s going to take a larger ladder than the one I own to fix that.  Still, it feels good to be able to work together as a family to solve dilemmas.  Thankfully, the wind has died down for now, the sun has come out and maybe we’ll have a little time around the more academic part of our day to get at these issues.