There was some excitement today during mathematics.  I would like to blog that one or both of the boys had a “eureka moment” and finally understood some difficult math concept that they had been struggling with for some time but today that was not the case.  The excitement centered around a loud “whump” noise that we heard above the blustery winds that have been howling all morning.  It turned out that the dead tree on the side of the house gave up this morning and fell over.  The good thing is that it didn’t hit anything major.  The bad thing is that it fell on our deck and did do a little damage. 

I have no idea how to get the thing off the deck.  Hopefully, some nice neighbour will appear with a chainsaw and we’ll have a lot of firewood nicely cut for the fireplace.  I have a feeling it will more likely look like the boys going out the first chance they get to hack off a few limbs with D’s tiny hatchet.  After that, I’m sure I’ll get a chance with the tiny hatchet as well.  With any luck the noise of our “hatcheting” will carry over the wind and the rain we’ve been getting in abundance, someone will be nosy enough to take a peek at what we are doing, shake their heads at us and then help us out.  It’s good to be perpetually optimistic.