P decided to build a domino tower this morning.  I had to laugh that he chose the busiest artery in the house for his project.  I was relegated to the kitchen and dining room and we were all instructed to walk softly.  Heaven forbid that any of us might have to use the washroom.  I’m sure that we would have been told to pee in a cup.

P managed to use all 136 dominoes.  D calculated (yes! he actually used math during the holidays!) that meant that P had built a tower 68 stories high.  D also measured the width of a domino (2.3 cm) and did the math to find out that the tower measured 156.4 cm tall.  That wasn’t good enough.  He wanted to know how many feet that was.  We reasoned that there are about 30 centimetres in one foot.  The paper and pencil came out and he figured out that the tower was about 5.2 feet high. 

It didn’t stay up long thankfully.  I did need to use the washroom, I was a bit tired of treading quietly and I had no intention of looking for a cup to do my business in.  Happily, what goes up, does come down (especially when it’s built in such an unstrategic locale!).