D and P were pretty excited today having run across the lake for the first time.  I had noticed a while ago snowmobile tracks crisscrossing Lake St. George and had assured the boys that if the ice could hold up grown-ups on snowmobiles it could certainly support their weight.  After finding out for themselves that I was speaking the truth, they enthusiastically got the snow shovels out and cleared a patch of ice for a make-shift hockey rink.  (If only they were so ambitious about shovelling the driveway!) 

 They managed to convince the two other boys on our road that it was safe and a good game of hockey commenced.  It wasn’t long before all of the guys were throwing off hats, mittens and coats, not because a fight had ensued, but rather because they were playing so hard that they were sweating.  We are now talking about getting out some left-over spray paint and putting in official lines.  As is the habit with boys, there was a lot of disagreement about whether a shot was a goal or not.  Hopefully the lines will make it easier to decide. 

I got to play the part of parental supervision/referee/cheerleader/photographer/rink fixer-upper and “music-maker” (I hummed the “Hockey Night in Canada” song.)  I think that my presence helped make the game run a little bit smoother.  I have a feeling I may be spending more time on the lake this winter.