The neighbours across the street have two dogs.  Out here, dogs don’t have to be on leashes exactly 3 feet long.  They are, for the most part, allowed to run free (provided that they don’t cause any trouble).  I think that is a good thing.  Two of the three of us entertain ideas of owning a dog from time to time.  The third knows that she definitely doesn’t want to have a dog.  It’s great that D and P can have their fun with the neighbour’s dogs and then we can send them home to be fed and cared for by others.

“Molly” in particular likes to come out whenever we set foot outdoors.  I think that she watches for us, her slobbery green ball at the ready.  D and P have a fantastic time throwing her ball in the most unlikely places and watching her leap, run, jump and dig to bring it back.  Sometimes they fake her out but she never complains.  She just keeps bringing the ball back never tiring of the game.

I can’t say that I am a dog person even though most dogs seem to really like me.  Molly did get to me a little today.  She came over before the boys were out while I was shovelling the driveway.  Up until today, I’ve always told her, “Sorry girl, but I’ve got work to do” or “You’re barking up the wrong tree here, Molly”.  Today she parked herself right in front of me with her slobbery green ball in her mouth and looked up at me with hopeful anticipation that I would play with her.  I couldn’t resist those puppy dog eyes and did throw the ball a few times.  She bounded away joyfully to retrieve it  and faithfully brought it back to me in the hopes that I would throw it just one more time.  I have to admit it was a pleasure for me to make her so utterly happy.  I can see why most people love dogs but … we’re still not getting one.