We got 50 cm of snow yesterday.  I’m glad that I had got a good start on shovelling the driveway but it was still a pretty daunting task this morning.  I went at it with a will reminding myself that I should rejoice that I can get this much exercise without even having to buy a gym membership or even walk a whole lot further than my front door.  I was going at it as well as my aching muscles and calloused hands would allow me when a neighbour pulled up on a giant Arctic Cat with a plow attached to the front of it.  He had driven by a few times and I had waved cheerily to him and then continued with the task before me.  It turns out his name is Brian and he was pulling up to ask if I needed some help finishing up.  I was pretty winded but we chatted some and he kindly plowed away at the remaining snow.  He probably saved me at least an hour’s worth of work and seemed happy enough to help out someone in need.  Well, God bless him and may he enjoy the cookies I intend to bake and bring over to his home.