Last year friends of ours moved and we found ourselves the new owners of two GT racers.  They didn’t see a lot of action last winter because they are extremely heavy to pull and quite cumbersome to get into the van.  Well D and P are a year older now and obviously stronger because today they managed to get these GT racers into the van all by themselves.  The “Little Black Torpedo” (also a cast off from another family) came along for the ride so that friend R would have something to toboggan on.  It wasn’t long before all three were vying for the simple Little Black Torpedo.  It’s fast, it can be ridden in a variety of ways and it requires almost no muscle power to get back up the hill.  I have a feeling that the next time we hit the slopes it will be the first one to go in the van and both D and P will look at those fancy smancy GT racers and wonder aloud if they really want to bring them along.  sledding-016.jpg