The boys and I are continuing to read through the Guardian of Ga’Hoole series by Kathryn Lasky and have arrived at book #13 entitled “The River of Wind”.  In this book, the band (plus a few others) discover that there is a sixth kingdom of owls and set off across the Unnamed Sea to find it.  When they arrive there, they find that it is inhabited by blue owls.  The setting for these owls sounded very Chinese to me and I seriously began to wonder if on the other side of the world there are blue owls.  Other birds have blue feathers, so why not?  To date, my research has not led to any pictures of oriental-looking blue owls.  So far in the series, Lasky has stuck to known species of owls and has been rather accurate in her descriptions of them while still managing to weave an elaborate fantasy story.  Maybe her intent was to make all her readers wonder and do some rudimentary research like I did.  Well, if that was what she was after, I confess that she made me look.