house-exterior-014.jpgWe didn’t move next to a mountain so D and P have decided to build a mountain right next to where we moved.  The daily offering of snow that has been faithfully falling since the end of November is ample fodder for what I am dubbing “Mount St. George”.  Each day the boys shovel the driveway and add to its already ample girth and height.  If we can manage to jump the little fence that lines our tiny balcony, we will be able to crest Mount St. George’s summit and slide to the middle of our front yard.  (Why anyone would want to slide to the middle of our front yard is a question I am not addressing at this time.)  Suffice it to say that D and P are very proud of their man-made mountain and beg me daily to come out of hibernation and see how much it has grown.  If it keeps snowing as it has been, maybe by the next time I brave the great outdoors with a camera in hand, Mount St. George will have entirely eclipsed our front door.