christmas-029.jpgchristmas-026.jpgMuch to D and P’s delight, we woke up this morning to find all the world a winter wonderland.  The snow could not have come too soon for these two guys who were suffering a serious case of the November blahs.  It had gotten so bad that they resorted to serious prayer and were thrilled to see those prayers answered.  They eagerly (and independently) started their math this morning in the hopes that I would be so pleased with them I would give them a “snow day”.  Traditionally, the first big day of snow means little gets done in the way of studying and I certainly didn’t want to go against tradition.  You couldn’t have seen two happier boys when I gave the go ahead to go outside and just play for today.

A few hours later, I looked out the window and had to chuckle.  All of the properties around us were covered in a pristine blanket of snow.  Our front yard hardly had a patch left of untouched snow.  D and P kept busy packing the white stuff in our extra-large recycling bin to make snow bricks for their forts.  Gone are the days of making nice snowmen.  All these guys can think of is the massive snowball fight they will have when the other kids on the road come out.  They have to be ready with their barricades.  Ah well…their rosy cheeks, smiling faces and enthusiasm are a welcome sight.  It certainly makes the winter season (my least favourite) a lot easier to bear.

They are now out there joyously pelting each other in their own version of war.  Not exactly my idea of a good time but it seems to amuse them.