christmas-016.jpgchristmas-016.jpgchristmas-007.jpgBy the time I think of getting a family photo done to put in Christmas cards, it is always way too late to book with Walmart or Zellers.  I decided to give the boys a chance to try and get that elusive family photo where all of us look pretty decent.  It’s tough for even the best photographer.  P and I are notorious for blinking at exactly the wrong time.  I was very pleased with what the boys produced.  D managed to prop up the camera on a laundry bin, set the time delay, run over and still look very natural in the family shot.  (Notice that all of us even have our eyes open.  Wow!) P managed to get a shot of me that I can live with.  That’s no small accomplishment either.  Not bad considering we didn’t have to drive anywhere or pay anything.