mushrooms-049.jpgmushrooms-003.jpgI enjoy going for walks around here.  You never know what “treasures” you might find.  A few weeks ago, I spotted these bright orange mushrooms which had sprouted along the path out back.  They were there for only a couple of days but they certainly caught my attention as everything else was turning a monotonous shade of brown.   It’s funny how much variety of totally interesting fungii there is out this way.  I’ve taken to walking with my camera in an effort to snap some unique and beautiful still life shots.  Mushrooms don’t hang around for a long time so you really have to be ready when you find them.  Tomorrow could well be too late.

Today I found an assortment of feathers.  Judging from the length of the striped ones, I am guessing that they came from some type of hawk.  I really don’t know about the other ones.  I am tempted to research them on the internet but when you are on dial-up service you really have to want to know something quite badly to invest the time it will take to find out.  Well, it’s a small downside to living in such a peaceful place where one can find so many interesting things.