As predicted, D finished his story very quickly once he found out P was done.  The following is what his creative genius came up with (again with some editing from supermom):

“My story begins with me, Super Baa.  I am the sheep of the twenty-first century.  Far away from Canada, a super villain was at work making billions of fake money bills.  I did not know of this villain until 2008.  So I flew to the villain’s hideout but I couldn’t get in.  So I found a welding torch and made my way in.  All of a sudden, I was surrounded by ninjas.  I used my super fart to kill them but they were wearing gas masks.  I remembered my old judo lessons and in less than five minutes they were all out cold.  I kept on going.  I couldn’t find the super villain.  Then I wondered, “Is this really his hideout?”  It was a decoy.  I looked and looked.  I couldn’t find his hideout.  Months later, I got a call about where the super villain’s hideout was.  I left at once.  I flew all the way to China.  I found the super villain’s hideout.  It was huge.  I couldn’t get in on my own so I got my herd of sheep and broke in.  There were lasers everywhere that would cut you in half so I got out a mirror and deflected all the lasers.  Then I got the super villain and put him in jail.”

From reading this I think that it was probably a good thing that Super Baa at least had his orange belt in judo.  He probably would have been dead meat otherwise.  Who would have thought that one sheep with an orange belt could take out a bunch of ninjas?  I’m also quite pleased that Super Baa saved the day without killing anyone.  Maybe supermom is getting through to D and P after all.