This is P’s super hero saga  (with some spelling and editing help from supermom):

“One day I was practicing by evil laugh.  I glanced at my CPU and saw that Super Ba kidnapped my assistant so I looked for their location.  I was terrified.  Super Ba had brought my assistant to a volcano so I used my super speed to get over there as fast as possible.  I found Super Ba at the rim of the volcano.  I said, “Let my assistant go!” but Super Ba dropped him to his horrible death.  I used my flying power to try to find him but it was too late.  Then I yelled, “Super Ba, you’re going down!”  So the war began.  Dun dun dah.  Super Ba used his super burp.  I deflected it with my force fields but force fields can’t block super farts.  Super Ba read my mind and used a super fart.  My welding mask blocked it.  I used my hammer and started whacking Super Ba.  I used my torch to weld him into the ground.  Then I used my super punch.  Super Ba went flying into the volcano.”

 Hmm… Super Mutilated Hamster saves the day by killing the bad guy who also killed some one.  Not exactly the happy story I would have written but then again I have never been a 10 year old boy who struggles to get thoughts down on paper. I think I will overlook the parts that I don’t like and focus on commending his efforts.

By the way, the Super Ba story is still in the works and will likely end very quickly now that P is done his story.  D is very fond of writing for a bit and then saying “to be continued.”  He assures me that it adds dramatic suspense to his story.  I think it’s his way of saying that he is tired of writing and would rather put it off until tomorrow instead of finishing it today.  Oh well!  At least he is getting original ideas out of his head and on to paper even if the written version is somewhat more succinct than the oral telling.  We all have to start somewhere even if that somewhere is one super hero whacking another one to the ground, welding him  there and then punching him into a volcano.