Maps change.  I know this.  What I don’t know is when and why maps change.  Maybe it was taught to me in geography or history a long time ago but it must have completely eluded me.  We started studying World War 1 yesterday.  We began by talking about alliances and which countries were part of the Central Powers and which were part of the Allied Powers.  Foolishly, I brought out a present day map of Europe to use as a visual.  We quickly discovered that key places like Serbia and the Ottoman Empire aren’t part of present day Europe.  Oops!  That’s because the map of Europe changed as a result of the Versailles Treaty.  O.K.  I learned something.  Thankfully, there is the internet and I was able to become Supermom for a moment and in no time at all locate a 1914 European map so that D and P didn’t have to try to learn this without a visual.  Phew!