It’s hard to remember what you haven’t lived through personally.  That’s why I love what the local co-op organized for today.  They arranged for the youth educator of the Orillia Legion to talk to the kids about his personal memories of growing up in London during World War II.  We listened intently to this gentleman for over an hour and a half as he told us story after story of evacuating London and living with a family in Wales, the London bombings, hearing the air raid sirens and having to go in an Anderson bomb shelter, living on rations and sharing their home with two Canadian soldiers.  He certainly brought the day to day home struggles of World War II to life.  My favourite story was of his best Christmas ever.  They had been living on meager rations for some time.  The store they were allowed to shop at decided to hold a contest.  The prize was a can of preserved peaches.  The speaker got a ticket because his mother was just too nervous to pick one.  He ended up getting the winning ticket and after their skimpy Christmas meal they savoured those peaches.  D and P were totally engaged in the story telling time and it really helped us all to think a little bit more about the sacrifices men and women made so that we might know freedom as well as the horrors of war.  We really do need to remember.