We are focussing a bit more this year on the art of writing (something, to date, both boys have found excruciatingly difficult).  This week the boys started writing superhero sagas using a first person voice.  The first step was to draw pictures of their superheroes.  D chose to create “Super Baa”, a superhero sheep and P made up “Super Mutilated Hamster” or SMH for short.  Their drawings were quite amusing.  D did front, side and back drawings of his super sheep that reminded me of Johnny Mutton.  P just did a detailed front drawing of something so covered in weapons that it was impossible to see what creature was underneath.  This was a lot of fun for them.

 Yesterday, they wrote descriptions of their imaginary superheroes.  Today they had to write about their superhero’s powers.  This is the stuff of imagination, of which my boys are not lacking in.  I especially enjoyed D’s work so here it is for all to read:

“I can run super fast and I have really sharp horns.  I have a jet pack so I can fly at 2000 km an hour.  I also have a utility belt.  My best weapon is my super fart that kills all who smell it.  I can also swim super fast.  I swim fast by farting constantly.”

Super fart power – now that’s something I wouldn’t have thought of!  I can hardly wait to find out how Super Baa and Super Mutilated Hamster end up saving someone!