mushrooms-019.jpgThe boys had a chance to try their hand at soapstone carving yesterday at the local community centre.  The activity was scheduled to last three hours.  I didn’t think that an art project could keep them engaged for that long so I returned to pick them up after two hours had elapsed.  To my surprise (and delight) they were still very actively engaged in the process.  The elderly gentleman who was instructing the sculpture process was leading them through the multiple sandings required to get a smooth final product.  The boys then had to polish their stones using linseed oil.  They were both proud of their finished products.  D’s looked like a frog and P informed me that he chose to do an abstract shape.  I was pretty happy to have found such an inexpensive program that they both enjoyed so much.  The instructor left them with a soapstone necklace project to finish at a later date.  I can see that coming out in the not too near future.