“Uh…Mom?  You might want to come in here and see this!”  I never get a good feeling when I hear statements like this.  It usually means that something I don’t approve of has happened.  Today it meant that there was ketchup all over the walls and the toilet in the downstairs bathroom.  It seems that P thought it would be a fun gag to put folded ketchup packets under the rim of the toilet seat in the hopes that someone unknowingly would sit down and they would explode.  It worked.  We think that someone was probably the neighbour boy and that he was too shy to tell me about it.  When I called P to account, he  looked at the mess with a bit of a smirk on his face and said, “Cool.  It actually worked.”  That wasn’t exactly the “Sorry Mom.  I’ll clean it up”  I was hoping for.  Sorry son,  Mom isn’t finding this one so cool and you’ll be sticking around to clean it up.