Yesterday, we revisited laundry 101, this time with our new front-end loader.  It seemed to make sense since D and P generate at least 2/3 of the laundry around here.  Our lesson was temporarily aborted when we discovered a bug inside the washing machine.  An entomology (spelling?) lesson commenced.  We got out the “bug book” and found out that the specimen  before us was a leaf-footed bug (or if you are really into bugs a Leptoglossus spp.).  It was the first bug in our book listed under the “sucking bugs” section.  I really didn’t like the sound of that too much!  The little blurb that followed made them sound harmless enough though.  They like to feed on coniferous tree seeds.  I was happy to hear D say that meant they liked evergreen tree seeds.  I’m embarrassed to say that I had to look it up to see if he was correct.  I’m now saying over and over again to myself, “Coniferous trees produce cones.  Deciduous trees drop leaves.”  Hopefully, next time I will remember which is which.  The most interesting thing about this particular bug is that its hind legs flare out and are leaf-shaped.  (Hence the name!)  The little interruption to our laundry lesson only took a couple of minutes but it was a nice surprise to an otherwise boring job.